Charlotte Hussey

Poet , Creativity Coach, & Dancer

Charlotte Hussey, a Canadian poet from Montreal, recently launched her latest book of poetry, Glossing The Spoils , and is excited to share it with the world. 

The Head Will Continue To Sing


“Why was the ocean angry at us?,”

you ask, fingering the pebbled break

that punctures the sea wall. “Why?,” you fuss.

A pocked slab, concrete flakes,

and the powdery bone-smell of mishap

roughen thought: pitched by the sea,

big bad wolfing whitecaps

hurl rocks and winter’s debris.

Now August’s a liquid sheet, a strait

of haze dampening a dug-up lawn

where worms inch, as workmen estimate

the redress of walls with twine, drawn

taunt to vibrate in the burn-off of mist.

“Why?” Your smallness, the right to persist.