Charlotte Hussey

Poet , Creativity Coach, & Dancer

Charlotte Hussey, a Canadian poet from Montreal, recently launched her latest book of poetry, Glossing The Spoils , and is excited to share it with the world. 

The Head Will Continue To Sing


Third Fayrie:

When I feele a girle a sleepe

underneath her frock I peepe.

there to sport, and there to play,

Then I byte her like a flea;

and about I skip.

John Lyly’s “The Maydes Metamorphosis”


Mirror, beneath flecks of toothpaste,

a scratch on my cheek,


as if a toothpick, a common pin

was drawn down it. Fingers trace


two more whorls like flames

lapping up over my chin.


“You’d have woken up,

if someone did this to you.”


Another, fine as a wisp of smoke’s

by my nose. “It’s just your self-hatred.”


From cheekbone to chin and up once more,

“you hate yourself,” the crooked stroke


of some secret letter’s breaking,

“it’s not that unusual,” is breaking


over my face like a wave. “And you’ve

left the tap water running.”